Life Lessons

I Discovered

Dear You, I had my eyes set on that trip. Everything was going to be absolutely amazing. I attended the meetings like I was supposed to. I held hope and excitement close to my heart. Visions of standing tall on the pyramids, the excitement of walking through the home of Frida Kahlo, the opportunities to… Continue reading I Discovered

Life Lessons

Keep My Eyes

Dear You, I want hope to be the place to which my heart runs every time my plans come crashing down around me. When I face disappointment, hope. When I am hurt, let there be hope. When life drives me down the roads I never imagined nor foresaw, keep my eyes on hope. Always hope.… Continue reading Keep My Eyes

Life Lessons

The Revealed

Dear You, A heart once revealed cannot be ungifted, so let us all cherish the hearts that are tenderly¬†unveiled within our presence.¬† This vulnerability is a beautiful behavior. Yet, I find that it can also be quite dangerous for the one whose heart is open if it is not placed into caring hands. One can… Continue reading The Revealed