Life Lessons


Dear You, Are you ready? Let's just jump into this, as I am quite sure that you can relate to this situation that I am about to so eloquently describe to you. "We need to get it out!" my body screams at me. "Get what out? There's nothing left," I cry. "It all needs to… Continue reading Reflections

Life Lessons

The Revealed

Dear You, A heart once revealed cannot be ungifted, so let us all cherish the hearts that are tenderly unveiled within our presence.  This vulnerability is a beautiful behavior. Yet, I find that it can also be quite dangerous for the one whose heart is open if it is not placed into caring hands. One can… Continue reading The Revealed

Life Lessons

Truest Dreams

Dear You, Friendship, and the acceptance that comes with it, washes away the sting of many sorrows and disappointments. This was the case for Vincent Ravalin and Maegan King, two young high schoolers whose beautiful story began many years ago. Having met in kindergarten, their teacher, Nancy Gist, described that the two instantly formed an… Continue reading Truest Dreams