Life Lessons

Truest Dreams

Dear You, Friendship, and the acceptance that comes with it, washes away the sting of many sorrows and disappointments. This was the case for Vincent Ravalin and Maegan King, two young high schoolers whose beautiful story began many years ago. Having met in kindergarten, their teacher, Nancy Gist, described that the two instantly formed an… Continue reading Truest Dreams

Life Lessons

Smiles All Around

Dear You, I miss my grandma M. Some of my fondest childhood memories revolve around the times spent in my grandma's cozy apartment. Her tidy and inviting home always smelled of comfort and a hint of bacon. Just soaking in the moments of those precious days spent with her brings a flood of warmth rushing… Continue reading Smiles All Around

Life Lessons

Ever So Tightly

Dear You, Just a couple weeks ago, a daunting feeling began to weigh upon my shoulders, forewarning me that something big and scary was coming my way. It whispered into my ears words which conveyed that I probably wouldn't be able to handle whatever was slowly creeping towards me. You see, I've just started on… Continue reading Ever So Tightly

Life Lessons

Sink Into Me

Dear You, Sometimes I really frustrate myself. There are some days where it is very difficult for me to hand every single piece of my life over to God. Often, I don't find myself willing to fully submit my heart to Him until I reach a low point. Lies of self-sufficiency blind me from freely… Continue reading Sink Into Me

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Untitled Love

Dear You, I'm coming to realize that all I've ever wanted since I was a little girl was to feel cherished, irreplaceable, and safe. My favorite and most memorable childhood pastime was playing dress up. Sitting here and thinking back on these simple times, I can still feel the joy that raced through my heart… Continue reading Untitled Love