Life Lessons

I Enjoy

Dear You, As the new year speedily approaches, I find myself reflecting on what I want my 2019 to look like. I don't know exactly what the new year holds for me, but I want it to be another year full of intention and grace. I do have many, plans, hopes, and expectations. And in… Continue reading I Enjoy

Life Lessons

Conquer All

Dear You, I’m learning that strength comes with time. It is the getting back up when you’ve been knocked down so low which enables your bones to handle so much more than you thought was possible. It doesn’t make sense when the dream that you were so sure of fades from your reach. Or when… Continue reading Conquer All

Life Lessons

In the Details

Dear You, Bravery, there you are. Finally. You are a lot more gentle than I once anticipated you to be. Quiet and strong. Subtle, while still enwrapping a fierceness that keeps me swiftly moving forward. Life's heartbreaks can be almost unbearable to walk through, yet I find myself continuing forward in a staggered way of… Continue reading In the Details