Life Lessons


Hey, You! I cannot believe the amazing whirlwind that this year has been and it's only just March! I've left mellow behind as my days have been filled with what feels like the rest of my body trying to catch up with my racing feet.  I look forward to the next season when I will… Continue reading Flourishing

Life Lessons


Dear You, The morning of January 1st, I woke up so incredibly excited. You know those mornings when your eyes have no choice but to swiftly flicker open at the first glimpse of sunlight because your heart is beating in rapid anticipation? Usually, this occurs because an event that you've been waiting for is coming… Continue reading Breathe

Life Lessons

In the Details

Dear You, Bravery, there you are. Finally. You are a lot more gentle than I once anticipated you to be. Quiet and strong. Subtle, while still enwrapping a fierceness that keeps me swiftly moving forward. Life's heartbreaks can be almost unbearable to walk through, yet I find myself continuing forward in a staggered way of… Continue reading In the Details